Vertical Storage Systems designs and implements Systems by Kardex Remstar: Dynamic, Practical, and Economical-for more space in production and warehousing. We are a Vertical Lift Module specialist with over 300 plus Shuttles in operation in South and East Texas as well as Louisiana. We strive to be the Southwest and Gulf Coast number one group providing solutions to industries such as Oil & Gas, Automotive, Electronics, Hospital Supply Distribution, mechanical Engineering, Retail, and Warehousing/Distribution..

AHT/VSS provides automated storage and retrieval systems to optimize your warehouse capacity and productivity. We increase space utilization and efficiency up to 85%. Raise access accuracy up to 99 percent. Improve Picking productivity by 400 percent. We help achieve stock accuracy of 99 percent. By implementing professional storage and material flow solutions, we give our customers the recipe for success for greater productivity and profitability.

AHT/VSS provides solid software solutions from Fastpic which gives the following benefits to our systems:

-More Storage capacity in a smaller footprint
-Rapid safe access through efficient warehouse management
-Accurate inventory levels through incorporation in internal ERP system
-Greater safety for operators and goods
-Reduced access time
-Increased Goods handling
-Individual customer service

For 18 years, Vertical Storage Systems has provided material handling solutions that are proven effective for a variety of industries. Please review the website for our products and services.

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Providing solutions to the Texas (Gulf Coast), East Texas (Piney Woods), Louisiana, and Southern Mississippi (Gulf Coast). Including cities Beaumont-Port Arthur (Golden Triangle), Baton Rouge, Broussard, Corpus Christi, Houston, Houma, Lafayette, Longview, New Orleans, Picayune, and Shreveport. PLEASE ASK FOR A SITE TOUR TODAY!
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